nv energy sub01xtrench bedding backfill

nv energy sub01xtrench bedding backfill


Sheet E.1 (NV Energy Electric Sheet 1 of 2) Sheet was changed in its entirety. Please note and adjust your bid according to the revisions, additions, deletions, clarifications or modifications as presented on this Addendum #2, which are made a part of this bid.

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Need help? Chat now. Live Chat - Free Trial - Webinar - Feedback Cart (0) Addendum No. 1:The attached NV Energy Drawing shall be added to the Drawings as Sheet E7. These improvements are to be constructed/installed by the Contractor as a part of the Work. The following clarifications shall be made to the Specifications :Section 400524 Pipe:Steel - Lined and Coated . Part 2 Products, Section 2.6 Steel Pipe Joints and Connections

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sheets E2 and the NV Energy sheet. All possible preliminary work shall be completed and coordinated with NVE prior to tie-over to minimize pump station down time 1 LS $6,100.00 $5,500.00 $3,000.00 $7,774.00 $6,000.00 Peavine Construction RDC, Inc Gerhardt & Berry MKD Construction, Inc Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Item # Description I. PREFACE - North Las Vegas, NevadaNV Energy (800)227-2600 Century Link (800)227-2600 Southwest Gas Corporation (800)227-2600 5. The contractor shall exercise caution and use construction techniques to protect and preserve exi st ing p er m anent sur vey m onum ent s. All sur vey m onum ent s di st ur bed shal l be repl aced and/ or

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A&K Earth Movers has material operations in several locations in Northern Nevada. We offer both Aggregate and Asphalt products as well as Customized Crushing operations. NEVADA TAHOE CONSERVATION DISTRICT PITTMAN May 15, 2018 · zephyr cove, nv 89448 (775) 586-1610 date nevada tahoe conservation district in the county of douglas eip # erik nilssen, p.e. douglas county engineer date approval:zephyr cove. lake tahoe. to carson city. douglas county. south lake tahoe. california. nevada. project location. stateline. checked. designed/drawn. scale. project


B. See SUB01X for trench bedding and backfill specs. C. Electric to pass under Gas mains with min. 1' separation. D. Applicant to determine and stake finish grade. E. Comm/cable TV in conduit is allowed to cross over non-parallel gas services. F. Service stubs to cross main trench and over electric whenever possible. Nevada Division of Environmental Protection NDEP · Web view1/1/1990 2/6/1992. 2/25/2003 12/19/2012. 4/9/2003 12/19/2012. 1/1/1900 12/19/2012. 1/1/1900 1/13/1995. 10/10/2001 4/22/2002. 1/1/1990 7/7/1997. 1/1/1990 3/18/1992. 1/1/1990

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Skip to main content. My account More Menu More Menu TRENCH AND EXCAVATION STANDARDS - NV EnergyBedding and Backfill . Pipes, conduits, and cables shall be bedded, and trenches backfilled, in accordance with NVE Specification SUB01X. Conduits/trenches should be backfilled the same day as conduit is installed. 5.0 SAFETY . 5.1 Responsibility

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Thermoplastic Tubing. Thermoplastic lpg pipe fittings gas it leisure reinforced fcp oiltech corrosion tube 1 dlhbowles crusher run crushed rock specificationstrench bedding & backfill specifications - nv energy Type II shall be a crusher-run, mineral aggregate free of ice, clay, organic matter, or other 4.4 Class C Backfill, 3/4" minus crushed drain rock:Class C backfill

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8. Unacceptable Bedding or Trench Backfill Material 3. Preparation of Trench Bed 1. All excessive loose material shall be removed from the trench. Excessive loose material may be defined as any material which would cause settlement, create soft unstable conditions, or that would contaminate or intrude into bedding material.

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